Rolfing can lead to profound changes in your physical structure, perception, self-confidence and help you reach your highest potential.

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Rolfing Movement® Integration

Rolfing Movement® Integration focuses on developing perception and coordination, balance and support for action, on learning to move gracefully and efficiently, and on evoking an open and responsive body in which inner strength and centered-ness can be chosen instead of outer tension and armoring. The results are increased grace, ease, and efficiency of movement; a more powerful sense of self; and often the relief of physical stress caused by gravity-resistant movement patterns.

Rolfing Movement® sessions are ideally integrated into an initial Rolfing series. For example, it is common to add three movement sessions to the 8-12 initial structural sessions. They can also be explored as a series of 3-7 sessions, completed independently from structural work, or integrated into any future series of sessions.


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