Rolfing can lead to profound changes in your physical structure, perception, self-confidence and help you reach your highest potential.

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The 10 Series

The goals of Rolfing are initially and most effectively addressed through a series of 8-12 sessions. Dr. Rolf used to think of the process as one session divided into 8-12 pieces. Each session completes the work of the previous and prepares the body for the next. This allows time to explore areas of the body that have trouble releasing, where you might feel “stuck” or lack awareness.

The superficial sessions (1-3) address the outer fascial “wrapping” and prepare the body for changes. The core sessions (4-7) address the source(s) of primary structural patterns. The integrative sessions (8-10) assimilate the changes that have occurred and help you carry these structural changes into optimal and efficient function.

Whether you come for one session or for the full series you will leave with a new level of awareness, efficiency of movement and performance.

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