Rolfing® can help you:
  • Speed recovery from injuries and surgeries
  • Resolve some forms of trauma
  • Increase range of motion
  • Alleviate many types of chronic and acute pain
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Enhance athletic performance and endurance
  • Resolve postural restrictions
  • Help you avoid some orthopedic surgeries
  • Help you adapt to pregnancy
  • Provide long-term relief from many aches and pains


Everyone comes to Rolfing® with a personal story and body history. Maybe your back hurts and you can’t lift your children anymore, or your knee is keeping you from running. Maybe office work has given you carpal tunnel pain or cutting hair has made your neck immobile. Maybe life has become stressful and you need relief.

Perhaps you have chronic or acute pain and have not found improvement through other modalities. Or perhaps you sense that you have more potential than you are currently tapping into. Still others of us are ready to make broad life changes and wonder if Rolfing can help us take that next step. Rolfing can lead to profound changes in your physical structure, your perception of yourself, your self-confidence and your sense of your own potential.

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Only graduates of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute can call their work Rolfing® or use the term Rolfer™.

Rolfing® designates the Rolf Institute’s brand of structural integration, the discipline developed by the late Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. While the Rolf Institute is Dr. Rolf’s original school of structural integration, it is now one of many schools of structural integration; and Rolfing® Structural Integration designates the practice of structural integration by graduate members of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, who are licensed to use its service marks.


Rolfing is the name for the body of work that Dr. Ida P. Rolf originally developed and named Postural Release. It is now known internationally as Structural Integration.

It was Ida Rolf’s unique insights into the nature of connective tissue and the relationship of the human body with the gravitational field of the earth that set Rolfing apart from other bodywork. Through hands-on manipulation she found that the human body could be oriented around a vertical line, which she called The Line.

If the physical body oriented more efficiently around the line, gravity reinforced and improved rather than degraded the health and vitality of the person as a whole. She also discovered that the elastic properties of connective tissue allowed easy manipulation and that the body is literally suspended in a web of connective tissue.

After six decades of research and development, Rolfers now use a combination of sophisticated touch that focuses on the connective tissue (including fascia, ligaments, tendons and the wrappings around muscle, organs and bones) and movement education that repatterns the nervous system to return the body to its natural place of ease and efficiency. The Rolfing process is interactive and the goals of each session are focused on the needs of the individual. Rolfers do not follow the symptoms of pain and discomfort around the body, but these sensations are frequently alleviated as a result of identifying and addressing the source of structural imbalances.

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“If you need to address issues of structure, injury, or are simply trying to improve your overall health, make an appointment.”

I was fortunate enough to have had a recent session with Gibney. She was everything I could have asked for: professional, caring, attentive to my physical sensations and able to give me some activities to practice on my own to further my physical progress. If you need to address issues of structure, injury, or are simply trying to improve your overall health, make an appointment.

Donna Markell
Retired teacher & yoga instructor

“Gibby is always friendly, professional and listens to me. I recommend her to others frequently.”

I tried Rolfing with Gibby because of chronic hip pain that just would not go away. After trying physical therapy, massage and steroid injections with not much help a coworker told be about Gibby. Not only did she help with the hip pain, now gone, she also corrected other painful body parts. Gibby is always friendly, professional and listens to me. I recommend her to others frequently.

Diane Bell

“After one session I was already walking differently, and it eased my pain.”

I went to Justin when I was in deep pain from reinjuring my shoulder. I was worried I was going to have to have surgery and had already had a cortizone injection. After one session I was already walking differently, and it eased my pain. After 3-4 sessions I have no pain and am getting stronger all the time. Beyond that, my entire body feels like it is being recalibrated and realigned so I’m getting stronger overall and have less pain in my body as a whole. No need for surgery! His energy is also very good and this helps calm the body. I used to think it was a bad idea to spend money on healing, but it is very much worth it when you consider the quality of life and the things I have been able to do as a result.

University Professor

“I knew right away this experience would be life changing.”

I developed thoracic pain from a previous injury and surgery and couldn’t find relief through other treatments. I first heard about Rolfing years ago and had always wanted to give it a try. Several friends highly recommended Gibby and Justin at Rolfing Flagstaff. I made an appointment and had my first session with Gibby. She was so welcoming and positive. I knew right away this experience would be life changing. It sure has been! My back pain is gone and my posture is significantly improved. My body feels more balanced than it has in years. Continuing with maintenance sessions keeps the pain away! Now, I recommend these two talented Rolfing practitioners to many of my friends. Much gratitude to Rolfing Flagstaff. 


“This is the nicest thing you could do for yourself or for anyone that you love.”

Rolfing sessions were a Christmas for me this last year. I wanted professional advice on how to improve my posture and I was hoping for some pain relief from all the years of stress, sports and high heels that I had put on my body and especially my feet and ankles. Gibney gave me awesome, super specific advice and exercises that I could practice on my own at home to further the progress we made. 

Rolfing is an absolute MUST for anyone who has pain in any part of their body or anyone who is looking to make a positive change in the way they feel and look from your bones all the way out! This is the nicest thing you could do for yourself or for anyone that you love. Everyone deserves a body free of pain that can move with strength an confidence. 

I feel taller, stronger, balanced and aligned after the Rolfing I’ve had with Gibney. Thank you SOOOO much Gibby for everything!! You’ll be seeing more of me!

Marilyn Lira
Vacation Ownership Sales