Rolfing® can help you:
  • Speed recovery from injuries and surgeries
  • Resolve some forms of trauma
  • Increase range of motion
  • Alleviate many types of chronic and acute pain
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Enhance athletic performance and endurance
  • Resolve postural restrictions
  • Help you avoid some orthopedic surgeries
  • Help you adapt to pregnancy
  • Provide long-term relief from many aches and pains


Everyone comes to Rolfing® with a personal story and body history. Maybe your back hurts and you can’t lift your children anymore, or your knee is keeping you from running. Maybe office work has given you carpal tunnel pain or cutting hair has made your neck immobile. Maybe life has become stressful and you need relief.

Perhaps you have chronic or acute pain and have not found improvement through other modalities. Or perhaps you sense that you have more potential than you are currently tapping into. Still others of us are ready to make broad life changes and wonder if Rolfing can help us take that next step. Rolfing can lead to profound changes in your physical structure, your perception of yourself, your self-confidence and your sense of your own potential.