Rolfing® Sessions:
  • The 10 Series
  • Post 10 Work
  • Single Session
  • Rolf Movement® Integration


Each session begins with a verbal check-in. We want to hear how you are experiencing your body. We’ll inquire about how you have felt since our last session, on how the work settled into your system and how your awareness has changed.

We then match what we’ve heard from you with what we see in a movement assessment. We’ll have you sit, stand and walk while we observe how your body moves through space, how you perceive that movement (i.e. proprioception), and whether there are areas that need specific attention.

Next, we relate what we’ve heard and seen with what we feel while contacting your body. Each session is typically comprised of 40-50 minutes of hands-on work. We use sophisticated, listening touch while asking for movements that evoke changes in the way your nervous system is patterning movement and perception. The last few minutes are spent helping you integrate the changes that have occurred throughout the session.

Finally, we will work with you in sitting, standing and walking to help you feel grounded and integrated before you leave our office. An important part of each session is making sure that you have practical tools to explore and integrate the changes we evoked during the session in your everyday life.

Our sessions range from 60-90 minutes in duration.

Instructions for your first visit