Who we are


Gibney Siemion, M.S.

Certified Rolfer

Rolf Movement Practitioner

I found Rolfing SI when knee and ankle pain became problematic in my athletic activities. The awareness that I gained from my first Rolfing series was transformative. I quickly returned to climbing, skiing and running but even more importantly, Rolfing brought my body up to date with who I was internally. I stood taller, performed better and felt more grounded than ever. 

After becoming a Certified Rolfer in 2001, I completed the Rolfing Movement training in Ilhabela, Brazil. Crossing cultural and language barriers to pursue this additional training informed me as to how world-view and perception are translated into movement and postural patterns. Understanding how we perceive ourselves and relate with our environment naturally cross-pollinated my concomitant studies in ecological systems, as “connectedness” is central to the Greek root of ecology, Oikos.

Whether Rolfing is used to speed rehabilitation, improve athletic performance, decrease chronic pain or grow personally, it is my goal to help clients from diverse backgrounds release patterns of movement and perception that no longer allow the expression of their full potential. I enjoy helping clients develop a sense of empowerment and responsiveness to change while promoting their health, vitality and longevity in the activities they love. 

My free time is spent adventuring under wide western skies on a mountain bike, skis or boat. As often as possible I escape to remote, wild places with my husband Justin and children Orion and Elzada. I also work as a Riparian Ecologist and a Guide / Trip Leader for Canyon Explorations on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon (www.canyonexplorations.com).


Justin Salamon, M.A.

Certified Rolfer

My first experience with Rolfing SI was in 2000 when I was seeking help for chronic shoulder dislocations. I was an avid climber, backpacker and paddler working in the outdoor industry but injuries threatened my ability to continue my livelihood. My first ten series was transformative – walking was joyful in a way I had never experienced, breathing was effortless, my coordination improved and old pains disappeared. I realized that I needed to study Rolfing SI to understand the changes that had occurred in my body and to share the work with others.

For the past 16 years I have been privileged to practice Rolfing Structural Integration, and in the process help clients of all ages and backgrounds. I approach each session as an opportunity to understand the biological, psychological and social patterns that make each client unique, and enjoy the challenge of helping each person become pain-free, embodied, and more comfortable in her/his everyday life. Rolfing fuels my passion for deepening my knowledge of the human body and the human experience through formal education and independent study.

When I am not Rolfing you can find me involved with the management of Canyon Explorations (www.canyonexplorations.com) where we offer 13-18 day human powered river trips through Grand Canyon. I still get on the river as a Guide and Trip Leader but have more time to devote to Rolfing and management. My free time is spent running, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, playing music with friends, cooking and otherwise loving my time with my incredible wife, Gibby. I feel fortunate to share my passions with her and to develop our knowledge of Rolfing together.